International Zouk Flash Mob 2014

When it comes down to which IZFM is the most exciting concerning the choice of choreo, it is probably IZFM 2014!

A worldwide choreo competition! And now - ANYONE could join. Once we received all the entries, we had a round of shortlisting, in which a committee of famous zouk names, who came together to form the IZFM BoA (Board of Advisors), together with the OT (Organizing team), chose the 3 best choreos, which would then compete in a worldwide voting contest. Any zouker could vote!

The final three artist-couples were:

Clinton & Christie

Pedrinho & Linda

Renata & Michal

And then so many voted…

WAAAAA! Even we didn’t expect the tremendous response. Out of total 1048 valid votes, Pedrinho & Linda got 320 votes and Clinton & Christie received 213 votes, but Renata & Michal got 515 votes and won the competition!

Their song choice was "Intenções" by Paulo Mac ft. Mafie Zouker

So quickly, with help of veteran Alisson, Renata and Michal started working on the instruction videos. More than 5000 dancers could train full summer! In 2014, 119 Cities from 35 countries joined.

IZFM is now a well established and respected brand in the Zouk world, a magnet for new dancers to learn Zouk and join this warm community.