International Zouk Flash Mob 2013

Now we had more time to prepare! We chose Sept. 21, the International Day of Peace, as the IZFM date for 2013. We found world famous singer Paulo Mac to write a song especially for the event - ‘The Dance of Love’ (uniting the world)! Amazing!

As we had more time to prepare, we organized a very exciting competition and invited dancers, instructors, choreographers, artists from all around the world to create a choreography for the IZFM 2013 event. 16 couples joined!!! The way it was organized was that the 16 competing couples amongst themselves, voted anonymously for the best choreo.

Henry & Claudia won the competition! They got by far the most votes. At that time Henry Velandia (Ry’el Zenzouk), a former world famous salsa dancer, and his talented young sister, Claudia Palestini (Clo Ferreira), were virtually unknown in the global Zouk scene, but as IZFM 2013 choreographers, the siblings gained worldwide acclaim as two beautiful Zouk dancers and instructors in their own right. Nowadays Henry, aka Ry’El, together with his new partner Jessica Lamdon, aka, Unicorn, travel the world as famous Zouk stars. We would like to give some credit to the event for this.

This challenging choreography had a smart solution to make it interesting for all levels and styles of dancers. There was an easier, beginner version and a more challenging advanced version and it could be learned as a 2.5min choreo, but also as a 4.5min choreo.

That entire summer, again, 1000s of dancers, and again more than half new to Zouk, joined and worked hard to master the choreo and show the world, the beauty of Zouk, the dance of Love.

Swageberg Productions volunteered their expertise and created a wonderful global compilation for us. It require a lot of work to keep track of all videos and to make sure they were all technically aligned.

We realized the flash mob was not only meant to show the public a special performance on a special day, but the real power of IZFM lays in the attraction for existing and new dancers to join a worldwide movement, to feel part of something big, to work hard together. IZFM became a powerful engine to attract new dancers and grow the Zouk scene worldwide.

In 2013, thousands of dancers from 127 cities in 43 countries joined.

See how 2013 turned out.