International Zouk Flash Mob 2012

The original idea was to organize a global flashmob, all around the world, where groups of dancers would perform the same choreography, created by Audrey & Alisson. Through social media we enrolled local instructors, we literally cold-called 1000s of dance schools all around the world, to inspire them to join. More than half of the dancers did not know zouk

Our slogan was: Unite the world with zouk, the dance of love.Organization Team

Audrey & Alisson did a tremendous job creating thorough instruction videos, with and without music, and from leaders and followers’ perspective. These were shared freely via YouTube with all the Local Coordinators, to learn and teach forward. The song they selected was the very popular ‘Rehab’ by Rihanna.

And then it happened,...thousands of dancers, from 85 cities in 33 countries, performed the same choreography, at the same day, to show the beauty of Zouk to the world.

A big part of the magic of IZFM is the feeling you are part of something big - both while training for it and while performing. It took dancers at least 8 hours to master the full choreo, and to realize that 1000s of dancers were working hard to get it, gave butterflies in everybody’s stomach! It still touches our heart to hear stories from dancers who discovered Zouk because of IZFM and how it changed their lives. It still fills us with pride to see people wear IZFM or IZD T-shirts at congresses.

Take a look at how it turned out.