International Zouk Day 2015

As it is IZFM’s intent to come up with fresh ideas every year, the OT decided to honour one of the founders of Zouk, Rodrigo Delano (“The Big Guy”), and asked him to create a choreo, which is suitable for beginners to learn and which embraces as well as Zouk/Love as Lambada/ LambaZouk.

Rodrigo has a dance school in Belo Horizonte and teaches Brazilian Ballroom dances like Forro, Bolero, Samba de Gafeira, Soltinho and Zouk/Lambada for more than 20 years. Also he is a well-appreciated International travelling instructor.

In 2015, we also took a huge leap forward in the event’s mission and set-up.

The IZFM got upgraded to IZD, International Zouk Day. The aim of the upgrade to IZD, is that it would contain a flashmob but also to give space for everybody’s creativity to make a bigger event than only a flash mob. This could be an open air party, workshops, anything is allowed, as long as it serves to promote and celebrate zouk on a local and global scale.

We danced to a fantastic song by 2MUCH - ‘Temperatura’.

In 2015, 120 cities in 39 countries joined.