International Zouk Day 2017

As you might know, in 2015 we changed our name from IZFM - International Zouk Flash Mob to the IZD - International Zouk Day. This was done with the intention to celebrate Zouk and give it even more exposure and scale; while not being restricted to, but including the flashmob.

This year is different! No - not another name change, but a big change in the format!

This year, YOU get to decide what you want to do to celebrate the International Zouk Day.
For the first time in the history of IZD/ IZFM, there is no obligatory choreo. This year we leave it up to you to unleash your creativity and develop a choreo for your local team. You also have the option to pick one of the IZFM/IZD Choreos of 2012-2016. We may very well revert to the ‘common choreo’ format next year, so really seize this opportunity to create and showcase your own masterpiece!