History of International Zouk Flash Mob

Now known as INTERNATIONAL ZOUK DAY (2012 - 2017)

The movement started as a local flash mob in Perth, Australia, organized by Audrey Isautier & Alisson Rodrigues Sandi. Sparked by the enthusiasm and drive of Zouk Bob and Remy Vermunt, 5 more organizers quickly joined, and within 4 months we managed to organize a worldwide flash mob, a unique event in the world.

This worldwide event is organized through what we call the OT or the Organizing Team, which is responsible for planning, organising and mobilizing the entire event, enabling everybody to join and being as well-informed as possible.

On an as-required basis, we also have specialists teams, like the IZD Video Team, responsible for the collection of local videos and creation of ‘Who has been practicing’ (WHBP) and final event’s Global Compilation videos.

The distribution and organization of the year’s plan and choreo to local dancers is done by an enormously important group - the LoCos! The LoCos or Local Organizers, who, as the name suggests, locally organize the training sessions, permits and licenses and the performances of the flash mob at public places. We have ±220 LoCos committed to spread Zouk and promote the IZD. And here is yearly statistics of participants: